PAPER DOLLS (Miyagawa Shuntei)

N.1 ukiyo-e woodblock print
Year: 1901
Condition: fair
Size: 37 x 24 cm



Delicate representation of three wealthy little girls making “anesama ningyo” (姉様人形), that is the “big sister dolls” made with washi paper (和紙) and origami (折り紙) paper: a toy very popular among the daughters of rich Japanese merchants and samurai since the Edo period (江戸時代).

This fine woodblock print, entitled “Paper Dolls” (紙人形), is taken from the series “Children at Play” (こども遊) by Miyagawa Shuntei (宮川春汀), the famous artist known in particular for his scenes of daily life, that offer a charming glimpse into the life of the upper class in the Meiji period (明治時代).

The work, produced in May 1901 by the publisher Matsuki Heikichi (松木平吉), owner of Daikokuya (大黒屋), has some imperfections including a slight tear on the upper margin and a small hole on the left side of the sheet.