IRIS ENSATA (Nishimura Kingyo)

N.1 painting on shikishi
Period: 21st century
Condition: very good
Size: 24 x 27 cm



Refined painting on shikishi (色紙) depicting flowers of iris ensata (花菖蒲). In the Far Eastern tradition, the iris plant is considered as a kind of talisman capable of warding off evil spirits. For this reason, in Japan, its flowers have decorated kimono (着物) for centuries and have been the subject of artistic representations and poetic compositions. In samurai families they were also considered a symbol and auspice of bravery and military prowess.

The work was made by Nishimura Kingyo (西村欣魚), an appreciated artist born in Nara (奈良市) in 1964 and graduated from the Kyoto City University of Arts (京都市立芸術大学).

The painting, made on a thick cardboard with golden edges, is in very good condition.