N.1 ukiyo-e woodblock print
Year: 1882
Condition: good
Size: 24,5 x 36,5 cm



Enchanting polychrome woodblock print produced in February 1882 by the publisher Tsutaya Kichizo (蔦屋吉蔵), owner of Koeido (紅英堂). The work is taken from a series entitled “Comparison of Flowers and Birds” (花鳥競) and is signed “Rinsai sha” (琳斎寫), that is by the artist Shiba Rinsai (芝琳斎) who presents a river landscape with, in the center, a couple of golden pheasants (錦鶏) framed by a willow (柳) and three different varieties of lilies (百合), as well as by begonia (秋海棠) and bleeding heart (華鬘草) flowers.

Shiba Rinsai, given name Shinsuke (新助), active in Edo (江戸) in a period between 1869 and 1890, dedicated his entire artistic production to the study of the natural world. His kacho-e (花鳥絵), or bird and flower pictures, in addition to being made with great skill, are characterized by an unusual combination of traditional landscapes reinvigorated with the addition of particular Western decorative techniques such as, for example, perspective.

The print on Japanese washi paper (和紙), despite some signs of aging including small imperfections on the bottom margin, is in good general condition.