WOMAN WITH HAGOITA (Takeuchi Keishu)

Object: original Japanese woodblock print
Genre: kuchi-e 口絵 frontispiece illustrations

Artist: Takeuchi Keishu 武内桂舟 (1861-1942/43)
From the literary magazine: Bungei Kurabu 文芸倶楽部, vol. 8, no. 1
Print title: Shuttlecock 羽子
Print subject: woman holding a hagoita 羽子板, the wooden paddle used in hanetsuki 羽根突き, a kind of badminton, one of the Japanese traditional New Year’s games

Publisher: Hakubunkan 博文館

Material: washi 和紙 Japanese paper
Technique: nishiki-e 錦絵 multi-coloured woodblock printing

Year: 1902, 1st month
Condition: overall fair, small holes, slight stains and fold marks
Dimensions: 29,5 x 22 cm