WHITE PLUM BLOSSOMS (Kawarazaki Shodo)

N.1 shin-hanga woodblock print
Period: 1970s
Condition: very good
Size: 27 x 40 cm



Elegant shin-hanga (新版画) woodblock print of large vertical format taken from the series “Floral Calendar of Japan” (日本の花こよみ) by the artist Kawarazaki Shodo (河原崎奨堂) and depicting the flowers of a white plum tree (白梅).

Kawarazaki Shodo (1889 – 1973) was a painter and a designer of floral subjects. He has carried out his artistic activity in collaboration with the publisher Unsodo (芸艸堂), a historical firm of the city of Kyoto still active today. He made most of his work in the years when there was a strong demand for Japanese prints by the occupation forces of the Allied Powers.

The work on Japanese washi paper (和紙), produced in the 70s by the aforementioned Unsodo, was made by the carver Nagashima Michio (長島道男) and by the printer Shinmi Saburo (新味三郎) and is in very good general condition.