SAKURA (Ougai Kofude)

N.1 painting on shikishi
Period: 21st century
Condition: very good
Size: 24 x 27 cm



Refined shodo (書道) work by the master calligrapher Ougai Kofude (小筆凰外) depicting the ideogram of the cherry blossom. In Japanese society the sakura (桜) catalyzes an infinity of symbolic values and, even today, is able to arouse strong emotions. Suffice it to say that, in the cherry blossom period, the whole nation seems to stop to participate in the big collective ritual of hanami (花見): in often gray cities that suddenly turn pink, crowds of students, families, employees gather joyfully under the trees in bloom.

Among the many meanings attributed to the cherry blossom stands out undoubtedly that of the transience of life: the extreme beauty of the flowers and their rapid fall seem to remind people both the good fortune to participate in the magnificent cycle of life, and the ineluctable brevity of the human parable.

The work, made on a thick shikishi (色紙) format cardboard with golden edges, is in very good condition.