KABUTO (Nishimura Kingyo)

N.1 painting on shikishi
Year: 2019
Condition: very good
Size: 24 x 27 cm



Beautiful painting on shikishi (色紙) board depicting a kabuto (兜) adorned with stylized deer horns of the type okuwagata (大鍬形) and inspired, in all probability, to the helmet of Minamoto no Yoshitsune (源義経), the famous general lived between the end of the Heian period (平安時代) and the beginning of the Kamakura period (鎌倉時代).

In Japanese culture, the kabuto is still a symbol of good luck, and is given to children with the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong as warriors.

The work, made by Nishimura Kingyo (西村欣魚), an appreciated artist born in Nara (奈良市) in 1964 and graduated from the Kyoto City University of Arts (京都市立芸術大学), is in very good condition.