HAWK AND TEAL (Imao Keinen)

N.1 diptych of ukiyo-e woodblock prints
Year: 1892
Condition: good
Size: 46,5 x 36,5 cm



A compelling diptych of woodblock prints depicting a hawk (鷹) gripping a teal (小鴨) in its claws, among meriken karukaya (メリケンカルカヤ) grass bushes. The work is taken from the volume “Winter” (冬) of the famous “Keinen Kacho Gafu” (景年花鳥画譜), the album in 4 volumes of flowers and birds made in 1892 by the artist Imao Keinen (今尾景年).

Imao Keinen (1845 – 1924) has received, since the age of twelve, a complete and in-depth education that ranged among the most varied artistic styles of the Japanese tradition. Professor of painting in Kyoto, he was a member of the art committee of the imperial court and of Nihon Geijutsuin (日本芸術院), the highest ranking artistic organization in Japan.

The two prints on Japanese paper, produced by the publisher Nishimura Sozaemon (西村總左衛門), despite the right signs of aging are in good general condition.