N.1 sosaku-hanga woodblock print
Year: 2018
Condition: very good
Size: 28,5 x 42 cm



Her life ended in sadness, because everybody said that she was ugly. She really wanted to become beautiful. Her strong regrets caused her to come back, and when she saw her body shining in the moonlight, her white bones looked so beautiful. «I really am very beautiful!». She realised at last that she had real beauty inside herself. Laughing away all her previous cares, she could say: «Now I am totally free. I will live my real life full of happiness!».

With these touching words the artist Shiba Ayumi (志波歩), who has drawn, carved and printed this precious woodblock print of the sosaku-hanga (創作版画) type, describes the sad parable of a woman of pleasure (遊女) who is depicted when she was a child and post mortem.

The work on Japanese washi paper (和紙), whose title is a complex play on ideograms that we could summarize with the words “The Moving End of an Extinct Peony” (有為に遊行らう花王軀相), is in very good conditions.